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Congressman Ralph Abraham

Representing the 5th District of Louisiana

Abraham statement on omnibus vote

May 3, 2017
Press Release

Congressman Ralph Abraham, M.D., released the following statement regarding his vote against the government spending bill, known as the omnibus. The bill passed and provides funding for federal government agencies through September.


Washington cannot keep kicking the can down the road; we have to get our fiscal house in order. With control of the White House and both chambers of Congress, I believe conservatives have a tremendous opportunity to not only significantly rein in deficit spending, but also redirect money from bad programs to good ones. I’m not convinced the omnibus achieved those goals, and I hope Congress will work over the next several months to produce the type of responsible spending bill the American people demanded in the last election,” Dr. Abraham said.


Problems with the omnibus:


  • While the omnibus preserves the Hyde Amendment, there is no legislative guarantee that federal funds will stop going to abortion provider Planned Parenthood. Federal funds allow Planned Parenthood to pay for support operations while it uses its own resources to facilitate and perform abortions.
  • The omnibus fails to fund the military at the levels requested by President Trump and military leaders. Rather than continue wasteful spending, Congress should have directed more money to ensure that our military has all of the resources its leaders say they need.
  • The omnibus does not provide funding for the border wall, a principle goal of the Trump administration and a needed deterrent to prevent illegal immigration and the flow of drugs.
  • The omnibus falls well short of any requested disaster aid. Additionally, there are no guarantees that a majority of the provided funds earmarked for disasters will go to Louisiana, nor are there any guarantees that the funds Louisiana does receive will go toward directly assisting middle-income flood victims, nor are there any guarantees that victims of the March 2016 flood will receive any support.
  • The omnibus does not reduce the deficit, which means the United States will continue to add to the nearly $20 trillion national debt, an irresponsible amount of debt to heap upon future generations of Americans who did not create this problem.
  • The omnibus bails out Puerto Rico and perpetuates the territory’s continued inability to take responsibility for fiscal problems it has created.