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Louisiana lawmakers vote on funding bill, support President Trump

February 14, 2019
In The News

Louisiana lawmakers are voicing their opinion on the funding bill now headed to the president’s desk to be signed after a vote on Thursday.

Clay Higgins, Ralph Abraham, and Mike Johnson all say the spending bill falls short of what was promised. They also say the time given to review that bill was insufficient to make voting ‘yes’ possible.

All three support the President’s intent to declare a national emergency at the US Mexico border.

Congressman Ralph Abraham:

"This bill limits the number of illegal immigrants we can detain and falls well short of adequate funding for a border wall. I couldn’t vote for something that’s going to dictate to the President whether or not he can protect our borders and keep our country safe.

If President Trump needs to declare a national emergency to keep out the drugs and gangs, so be it because it’s pretty clear that Democrats’ only goal is to score political points with their radical open-borders base, even if it means sacrificing national security."

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