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Congressman Ralph Abraham

Representing the 5th District of Louisiana

Families deserve better than Medicaid

January 27, 2017
In The News

I’ve spent more than 20 years practicing medicine in the delta of Northeast Louisiana. After looking into the face of poverty, I believe that every American should have access to quality health care regardless of how much money they’ve got in the bank.

That’s why I’m frustrated with politicians who point to the Affordable Care Act and its accompanying Medicaid expansion as the solution to treating the needy. They thump their chests in victory, but all they’ve done is enroll these patients into a second-rate program with limited access to physicians, an almost-empty stable of specialists, and a formulary so restrictive that it is an insult to my patients.

Elected leaders must have the courage to demand better for the people we serve, not cling to failed institutions out of a lack of ingenuity or for political expedience. By repealing and replacing Obamacare, we have the opportunity to finally give all American citizens the health care they deserve.

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