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Congressman Ralph Abraham

Representing the 5th District of Louisiana


March 18, 2016
In The News

 America has many enemies in this world and is threatened by rogue states, insane leaders and well-organized terrorist groups. One of its most dangerous enemies may be a Congress that lacks “the moral courage” to rein in spending and get control of a national debt that threatens to swallow more and more of the country’s resources,  U.S. Rep. Ralph Abraham said.


   Abraham, the freshman GOP Congressman from Richland Parish, told the Rotary Club of Avoyelles on March 7 that two of the greatest threats facing America today are ISIS in the Middle East and the runaway national debt, which is now at $20 trillion.


   “The interest payment alone on the debt was $230 billion this past year,” Abraham said. “That is double what we gave our veterans in recognition for their service to this country.

   “If we don’t have the moral courage to stop this spending, the interest in a few years will be $600 billion -- which is more than we spent on our entire defense system to keep this nation free,” he added.


Abraham said he bucked his party leadership in his budget votes this year, voting against a Republican-backed budget and an omnibus spending bill. He said both contained what he believes are unnecessary expenditures that did not address the important issue of reducing the national debt and ending the practice of deficit spending.

  “Both passed,” Abraham said. “That means your taxes will go up and there will be more and more debt. We have to do something different.”


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